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Arnau Farré


Who's afraid of the music of the twentieth and twenty-first century?

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Sunday 13 November 2011

Arnau Farré, organ


William Meadows, bass

Albert Guinovart, piano

Oscar Boada, piano and direction




Part 1

Jubilate Deo Benjamin Britten (1913-1976) (Arr. Arnau Farré)

Ave Maria Xabier Sarasola (1960)

Pater noster Xabier Sarasola (1960)

Sicut locutus est (del Magnificat) Peter John Bacchus (1957)

Missa Brevis Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)




Agnus Dei

part 2

Ave Maria Francisco Ibáñez (1951)

Angelus Josu Elberdin (1976)

Ave Maria Francesc Guzman (1991)

Missa Brevis “Rex Genitor” Albert Guinovart (1962)




Agnus Dei

(They seem to Seraphim!) Exclaimed the Pope Orthodox Cathedral in Varna hear Vivaldi Choir

sing the popular Signore delle Cime and inspired, as one who does not want things like who's not 'dare

break the silence that reigned in the church, with absolute caution. Suddenly, as if to explain

the meaning of his words, seeing in our eyes that we had understood, he added in a

quite unexpected Latin: Coelo in earth!

The Orthodox Pope did not have the slightest idea that his words would become inspiration, twelve

years later, a program for the concert series that girls heart, a good

day, timidly, they dared to break the silence of his church. Therefore, in Coelo land,

Heaven on earth, the repertoire of new Seraphim.

A compendium of beauty, applied this time to religious music and focused on two

centuries of conflict: XX and XXI centuries in which the classical sense of beauty seems to have

lost the game, a new black music that had broken completely with

tastes of the public. In this sense, the return to tonality without complex scored good

the creators of the last half century, which have been written in the old

stairs without being accused of censorship by the great anathema defenders of modernity.

We prepare ourselves, then, to admire the beauty of the cathedral of the Sanctus of Britten's Missa Brevis,

an example of incipient serialism (This are the 12 notes of the chromatic scale) to

While we enjoy the ethereal presence of the Agnus Dei from the Missa Brevis by Albert Guinovart

linked both to the power of rhythm Sicut locutus east of Peter Bacchus and

classic beauty, without the noise, the motets of the Basque Xabier Sarasola, Josu Elberdin

and Francisco Ibáñez. Last, but not least, we are especially pleased to be able to perform Ave Maria

one of the youngest composers in the country, Francisco Guzman, who wrote at the age

15 years and has an extraordinary ability to create a climax of great intensity, which

reminiscent of the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner.

Tonight we hear much of the current repertoire of Angels: Heaven on earth!

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