Mayte Caparrós and Gustavo Llull in Barcelona

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Mayte Caparrós i Gustavo Llull

Mayte Caparrós and Gustavo Llull

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Sunday 13 November 2011


Mayte Caparrós, vocals

Gustavo Llull, piano




E. Blazquez El corazón al sur

S. Piana Arrabalera (lyrics: C. Castillo)

E. Pereyra Madame Ivonne (lyrics: E. Cadícamo) 

S. Piana Milonga sentimental (lyrics: H. Manzi)

A. Troilo María (lyrics: C. Castillo)

J. Caldara Pasional (lyrics: M. Soto)


E. Blázquez A un semejante

R. Collazo Mama yo quiero un novio (lyrics: R. Fontaina)

E. S. Discépolo Canción desesperada

F. De Caro Flores negras (instrumental)

M. Sanjurjo Albahaca (lyrics: E. Aprile)

L. Demare Malena (lyrics: H. Manzi)


E. Blázquez Sin piel

F. Canaro Se dice de mí (lyrics: I. Pelay)

V. Expósito Naranjo en flor (lyrics: H. Expósito)

E. Donato Julián (lyrics: J. Panizza)

A. Piazzolla Libertango (instrumental)

E. S. Discépolo Martirio 

The Argentinian singer Mayte Caparrós is one of the great voices of tango music in this country. Established in Barcelona for almost 20 years, Caparrós has performed in various European cities, taking her passion for the songs of Buenos Aires everywhere with her particularly subtle way of putting across the emotions of tango. Meanwhile, the pianist Gustavo Llull has had a long career in various genres, from the tango to musical theatre, which has led him to perform with musicians of the calibre of Miguel Poveda, among others. In these three sessions they offer us a very broad and complete journey through tango music with works by some of its greatest performers.

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