Mayte Caparrós & Gustavo Llull in Barcelona

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Classical music Mayte Caparrós & Gustavo Llull

Mayte Caparrós & Gustavo Llull

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Sunday 10 October 2010


Mayte Caparrós, vocals

Gustavo Llull, piano




M. Trejo / A. Piazzolla Los pájaros perdidos

H. Ferrer / A. Piazzolla Chiquilín de Bachín

M. Le Forestier / A. Piazzolla Annees de solitude

M. E. Walsh Serenata para la tierra de uno

A. Piazzolla Adiós Nonino

H. Ferrer / A. Piazzolla Balada para un loco


A. Tarenzi / A. Piazzolla Se potessi ancora

G. Jones / B. Reynolds / A. Piazzolla Libertango

H. Ferrer / A. Piazzolla Vamos Nina  

E. Blázquez A un semejante

A. Piazzolla Resurrección del ángel

H. Ferrer / A. Piazzolla Balada para mi muerte


J. L. Borges / A. Piazzolla Jacinto Chiclana

A. Tarenzi / D. McNeil / A. Piazzolla J’oublie

H. Ferrer / A. Piazzolla Preludio para el 3001

C. Granda Flor de canela

A. Piazzolla Soledad (solo piano)

H. Ferrer / A. Piazzolla La bicicleta blanca

Today, two Argentinian musicians offer a journey through the most modern, intimate and sensitive tango of one of their most international compatriots – Astor Piazzolla, an important figure in the renewal of this form of music. The performers, who have lived in Barcelona for years, are the singer Mayte Caparrós – an award-winner on various occasions in her country with a broad repertoire – and the pianist Gustavo Llull – a teacher of composition, harmony and arrangements, teacher and conductor of choirs and member of various chamber groups with which he works on the kind of music we will hear today.

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