Montserrat Gascón & Laura Taulé in Barcelona

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Classical music Montserrat Gascón & Laura Taulé

Montserrat Gascón & Laura Taulé

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Saturday 11 December 2010


Montserrat Gascón, flute

Laura Taulé, piano



6 and 8pm  

R. Dauber Serenata

R. Wertheim Le cortege des marionettes

E. Donhanyi Aria

K. Berman Terezin suite (solo piano):


E. Schulhoff Sonata:

Allegro Moderato



E. Schulhoff Sonata:


Rondo finale

L. Smith Largo

M. Flothuis Aubade (solo flute)

K. Wertheim Capriccio

K. Berman Terezin suite (solo piano):

Einsam, einsam

D. Kattenburg Piece for flute and piano

Today's programme, entitled "Música entre cendres" (Music in the ashes) consists of works by composers who were imprisoned, persecuted or exiled by the National Socialist regime. Some of these works were written during captivity in concentration camps or just before or afterwards and the vast majority were silenced for racial or political reasons or simply because they were considered "degenerate" music as they did not coincide with the aesthetic ideas of the Third Reich. The performers form a stable duet and share intensive concert and teaching activity.

Fundació Mas i Mas

MUHBA Museu d'Història de Barcelona - Sala Martí l'Humà
Plaça del Rei s/n – 08002 Barcelona
Tel. Mas i Mas 933191789


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