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Music requires a suitable place to be performed in. We could not talk about Barcelona as one of the world capitals of opera without the Gran Teatre del Liceu, nor could we have heard the symphonic and choral repertoire for a hundred years without Palau de la Musica Catalana, and we could not compare the Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, the OBC, to other orchestras in the world without a venue like the Auditori. Every kind of music needs its own space.

Therefore, Fundació Mas i Mas, using the expertise of the Mas i Mas group in programming jazz and flamenco concerts in venues such as La Boîte, Jamboree and Tarantos, wants to recover and promote chamber music concerts, in its strictest sense, that of a small space and with a small audience, which were formerly held in the halls of European aristocracy and allowed more direct and closer contact between the performer and listener.

Chamber music has always been, throughout history, the starting point for great performers and great composers to develop their artistic ability and communicate with the public. During the XXth century there has been a tendency towards using larger venues with mass audiences and that the experience has been lost of those close-up concerts that filled venues for more than 1000 people with musicians and their audiences.

That is why, Fundació Mas i Mas believes it necessary to boost chamber music and more direct contact between the creator, the performer and listener. And it does so with a new formula to match the pace of our modern times: offering half-hour long concerts at different intervals throughout the day with affordable entry fees, designed to be compatible with the intensity of our daily lives and to reach as many members of the public as possible.

This is a project which, in short, while driven by Fundació Mas i Mas, belongs to everyone, because it is closely related to our musical heritage, which is the foundation of every culture.





A short history


Following the unprecedented success of "30 Minutes of Music at La Pedrera of Caixa Catalunya, Fundació Mas i Mas decided to open a new space for the performance of chamber music at its headquarters on Calle Maria Cubi, 199.

A venue for 50 people which allowed one to listen to and watch performances close up by musicians who live in our country and who have very few opportunities to gain access to major concert venues or transmit the repertoire for solo or duet instruments.

On the 1st of January 2008, at 18.00, 19.00 and 20.00 the first concerts were given at Sala Mas i Mas, with the added privilege of including one of the most prestigious performers from our country, the flautist Vicens Prat flute soloist for the Symphonic Orchestra of Paris.

From then until June 2009, Sala Mas i Mas scheduled three half-hour concerts every day of the week, with the participation of over 220 musicians - among them Mireia Farrés the trumpeter, the clarinetist Josep Fuster, both soloists of the Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, the pianist and composer Albert Guinovart, the cellist Pau Codina, the Curbelo duo, Helena Satué the violinist and the pianist Alfredo Armero, among many others. The organisation also benefited from a special concert by invitation only offered by the great Russian pianist Alexei Volodin courtesy of the Ibercamera concert series.

In one year,  Sala Mas i Mas hosted: 

•    390 concerts

•    220 musicians

•    18.500 people


Musical projection


Fundació Mas i Mas promotes patronage to spread the musical heritage and performers of our country. 

Fundació Mas i Mas launched the complete cello and piano works by Gaspar Cassado (Barcelona, 1897-1966), one of the most international figures of our musical heritage for his great prestige as a soloist and composer. In his capacity as a performer, he was a direct disciple of Pau Casals and performed with the best orchestras and in the best venues in the world. As a composer, he created works such as Requiebros and Sonata nello stilo antico Spagnuolo that are part of the universal cello repertoire. The Basque cellist Iñaki Etxepare and the pianist Ludovica Mosca played three different programs (the first on the 19th and 20th of May 2008 the second on the 2cnd and 3rd of June and the third on the 9th and 10th of June) with the complete cello and piano works by Gaspar Cassado.

This was an initiative organized by Fundació Mas i Mas and promoted by Mr. Jose Antonio Pons Rivière, patron of the Foundation, which aimed to: 

•    Spread our musical heritage

•    Promote artists from our country

•    Encourage private patronage through the foundation


Fundacio Mas i Mas works in collaboration with


The Cor Vivaldi Choir at the Auditori in Barcelona

Fundació Mas i Mas has produced the 2008 and 2009 seasons in the Auditori of Barcelona by the Cor Vivaldi choir "Petits Cantors de Catalunya", created in 1989 and directed by Oscar Boada. Four concerts per season with commissioned works by composers from our country and recovered pieces such as El cant de les estrelles by Enric Granados.

IX Series new repertoire - Music XXI

Fundació Mas i Mas has helped to promote the ninth edition of the series New Repertoire - Music XXI, organized by the Gremi d’Editors de Música de Catalunya i joventuts de Barcelona, that schedule concerts during the months of May and June in the SGAE headquarters in Barcelona and in the foyer of the Gran Teatre del Liceu to promote the works of twentieth century and modern day composers with the participation of renowned performers such as the soloists from the OBC and the Orquestra de l'Acadèmia del Liceu.

International piano competition Maria Canals at Sala Mas i Mas

Fundació Mas i Mas organized concerts in the Calle Maria Cubi venue between the 13th and 18th of May 2008, and between the 13th and 28th of March 2009, by the contestants for the International Maria Canals Piano Award, in its 54th and 55th editions, respectively. 

Moreover, as well as hosting these qualifiers, the event also included a final concert by invitation only by the first prize winners of each edition. The 18th of May, 2008 was the date of the concert by the young Croatian Martina Filjak, a concert that was attended by the Lord Mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu as well as the organizers of the Maria Canals Competition, Ms. Mariona Carulla and Mr. Jordi Vivancos. On the 23rd of March 2009, the venue hosted a concert by the winner of this year's edition of the competition, the young Vestard Shimkus, from Latvia.


Fundació Mas i Mas extends its borders


30 Minutes for music in Lleida

The concept of 30 minutes of music has tried to go beyond the borders of Barcelona. That is why, in October 2008 the project was exported to the capital of Segrià. The first concert was held in October 2008 at the Museum of Lleida, starring Marcelo Mercadante and Gustavo Battaglia, two tango masters. Later on, on the 8th and 22cnd of November, two more performances were organised, with Lito Iglesias, on the one hand, and Núria Vilà and Sergi Vicente, on the other.

30 Minutes of music at Taller Ciuxart Palafrugell

In a continued attempt to bring this concept to other Catalan towns, and thus give chamber music the recognition it deserves, Fundació Mas i Mas began to work with the local council of Palafrugell and the Cuixart Foundation to organise a series of 30 minute concerts at the painter Modest Cuixart's workshop. This artist was a great lover of music. He shared the passion for Wagner with his colleagues at Dau al Set-Brossa, Ponce, Tàpies and Puig; he was among the first to hear Schoenberg's compositions in our country or those by his friend Juan Eduardo Cirlot; he brought Kurt Weil songs to Barcelona with texts by Bertolt Brecht, which he engraved in various works; he conversed with Frederic Mompou and Manuel Valls in Calella and converted his studio in Palafrugell into a chamber room where he organized tribute concerts to his friends Xavier Montsalvatge and Xavier Turull. With this series of 4 concerts, which took place on the 18th of April and the 2cnd, 16th and 30th of May 2009 - we had a unique opportunity to discover the artist's private space and enjoy the rhythm of music by Mozart, Chopin and Granados played by great musicians from our country.

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