Music session Bcn Or Die 2n ANNIVERSARY in Barcelona

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Dj Abstract al Jamboree dance club de Barcelona.


Dj Abstract, Flavio, Yoda & Serial Killerz

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Thursday 13 November 2014

Gestow Power has been working as a DJ for many years, learning from other great names of all time. He started Djing old school by clicking on various local and working on his own style.

The combination of their skills, their knowledge of the issues and the continued successful development of his style has allowed him to reach a large audience both nationally and internationally. 

With its slogan "ABSTRACT FOR PRESIDENT" is the man who encourages the nights of the most important clubs in the Netherlands. It was announced and delivered his style in the most important cities in Spain, Greece, Suriname, Curacao, Sweden, Germany, Belgium and France. 

ABSTRACT proposes a mix of old school music with the most current issues, adding their particular personal touch acquired throughout his career. 

This time it will be with our resident DJ Yoda and Flavio Rodriguez to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Barcelona Or Die.

Also, a live with Serial Killerz in the Tarantos Club.

You can not miss !! 

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