Music session DJ ELEY + DJ STILE in Barcelona

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Saturday 6 October 2018

Dj Eley born in Lima, Peru 24 years ago and raised in Barcelona, has been influenced by black music and world dishes from an early age, sharing the hobby with his dedication, which gives a broad musical knowledge new as old school. His sessions are a mixture of the most current Hip Hop, R & B through the most danceable dancehall old school touches but always maintaining a most lively line for the club. Despite his young age has shared Eley DJ booth with DJ's most recognized hip hop scene of Barcelona as DJ Yoda, DJ Flavio Rodriguez, Dj Davin, DJ Marco DaSoul, Kunta DJ K. .. and European DJs like DJ Master Lee.

Born in Castellon and settled in Barcelona since 2016, Stile the turntablism runs through his veins since he was young, when he acquired his pair of turntables to learn the art of scratch. In his beginnings, back in 2003, he was a DJ in several hiphop, battles of roosters and breakdance competitions, which allowed him to continue acquiring experience on a stage, and also to take advantage of producing instrumentals. Although it will not be until 2010 when he made the leap to the clubs of the Valencian community. His imagination and vast musical culture allow him to delight the most demanding and open-eyed audience, intelligently and integrally tearing urban sessions in all possible versions, from the most avant-garde to the classics of always. His mixes have been heard throughout the Spanish geography, highlighting clubs such as Apollo and Razzmatazz in Barcelona, ​​or Heineken and Fabrik in Madrid.


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