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Muly & Helios

dj Muly & dj Helios

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Friday 22 February 2013

Muly clicking brings over 16, has undergone the most influential local Barcelona, ​​from under even the most fashion, positioning the black music in Spain from another perspective and uninhibited, mixing oldschool and new, with underground and business, moving from R & B, Rap and Hip-hop like a fish in water. Knows how to reach all audiences, so a large group of followers moved from session to session following their evolution, year after year in Barcelona by night. Currently Shoko click on Mondays, Tuesday Roxy The Beat from NY, the legendary party Bikini Black Box on Wednesday and Friday at Club Hyde. The weekend is divided between Belgium, Holland and other places where foreigners delights in Spain showing that not only have the best paella. Mulya has also worked in the best clubs in town as a guest such as Catwalk, Otto Zutz, Opium Mar and his legendary residencies in WTF Jamboree jam sessions in Thursday with parties Delicious.Recientemente CDLC is beginning to develop his work as producer and dj band, collaborating with major artists of the Spanish scene as Eddine Said, DLux and 7 Notas 7 Colores. Currently producioendo what will be his first LP with Cazique with his partner DJ Helios (monkey) As has already edited mixtapes of different styles, which have had a major impact between national and international public, which led a finalist for the help of Red Bull Academy papaya juice, after tea, Corcovado accelerated, Urban Jazz, The mixorcist, World Wide breaks, Monday nite Flava, P & B the smooth series, P & B the drivetime edition, P & B burning the classics, Nuclear Grooves, Bikini 1st aniversary, Delicious, I'm not your Ipod series, Spin City and Cazique.

My career as a DJ begins at home as all the DJ's, DJ influenced by the room where I worked, I opted for black funk rhythms, soul, r & b etc.. ... At the age of 16 begin to collect my early records of sex. I began working as a waiter in a room called Jamboree Barcelona where I give the opportunity to make my first mix with the audience Monday. A few weeks ago I suggested to the residence JAMBOREE Jazz & Hip Hop Club where I step 5 wonderful years that I brought many musical knowledge among other things ... There, I know Oliver (Very Boy) who gives me the chance to be his tour DJ for his second album, 7 notas 7 colores. After the tour I freelance sessions in different clubs of Barcelona Jamboree, La Boite, More and more, Zoo Club, Otto Zutz where I spend a year living, Catwalk, Bikini, Café Royal and etc ... At this stage I opted for live music and formed a band with musicians from category to enter the live music circuit for several clubs in Spain. During filming for different scenarios, not part of a new project called cloud, recording and touring their first album "Voayeur" and recording his latest album "A Suitcase and The Dog" On the way I meet who MACAQUE offers me be your DJ to record and tour with his latest Ingravitto which are two years touring around the world. I am currently working on a study called Publius BSO as manager and producer, I have a project next to Sat Muly called Cacique Project presentation by NEW YORK SOB's also where I spend two weeks to record the album Quartet Marc Ayza "Offering" and doing several sessions as a DJ in Manhattan and Brooklyn and 4 gigs with the band. I recorded and toured with the last album MACAQUE "Puerto Present" and I do sessions Hip Hop, Electro Funk, Underground the other time I can. We have presented alongside Marc Ayza, Toni Saigi "Chupi" Blu Rum 13 and a project called Beat in the opening Boom Percussion Festival of Catalonia 2011 and with the will to Sonar 2011. We also just recorded the last album of Marc Ayza Live at the Jamboree.
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