Music session POL DE LACOSTE & DJ YODA in Barcelona

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Dj Pol 24 Kts & Dj Yoda


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Saturday 22 June 2019

My interest in music hip hop started very young attending the early jams and festivals in the city. My friendship with people of the pioneering hip hop group from Barcelona's famous national and BZN have done me a great lover of old school and classic hip. hop.

I've been clicking on numerous occasions Bangok cambina sharing with my great friends of collective memories Jazzbah tbase DJ, DJ spydamonkee (DMC champion asia 86) Dj jedie (DMC 4 times national champion) and the clubs were the beatlounge circle. Ademar Asia has the most experience to the city I've played with dj yoda Thurs Flavio Rodriguez, and the festival of underground hip-hop collective the Juice, and many festivals skate Thurs pole belongs to the 24th crew ilates Shop pioneer in the field of street wear special shoes to DES in mind limited and known everywhere but his famous collaborations with the likes of brands such as Reebok New Balance, Asics, casio etc. ...

Fifteen years as a professional in the booths gives you plenty of opportunity. Without going any further, they have served our most stellar resident disc jockey, DJ Yoda, to build a solid reputation, filling almost all the venues in the city and half the country with black silk. And, if we add to this his position as right-hand man to the great leader of Spanish R&B, Flavio, whose debut album he produced and released, the picture is complete. Robust hip hop and the classic flavours of funk and soul complete the cardinal points of DJ Yoda’s musical personality. A champion of groove who has shared the decks with top figures like Premiere and Tony Touch and the stage with giants like Pharcyde and Afu-ra and who we have within our reach, without having to travel to NY or Los Angeles.

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