Music session TARANTOS: DJ TANKE & JOE CABANA in Barcelona

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Tanke & Joe Cabana


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Saturday 16 March 2013

If you ever want to know what you really need to be a good DJ, take a look at Joe Cabana, because he’s got it. The thing is that, beyond technique, which he has plenty of, our resident DJ has a greater capacity to understand what it is that makes a club night special and connect with the dancefloor, rising to almost supernatural levels. At top speed and with maximum certainty, Joe Cabana manages to fit up to 300 tunes in a single session and escape unscathed. And all this without shame or self-consciousness, which is just as it should be. Joe Cabana DJs with the strength and flexibility of bamboo and the intensity of a cyclone. In the same session, he’s capable of jumping from funk, soul and the most classic rock to the hottest hits of the moment, leaving everyone who comes within his reach exhausted and tremendously happy. A true experience.

Anyone who doubts that you can dance to rock would do well to drop in to one of Tanke's sessions at our club. This Barcelona DJ has learned and fully accepted that electronica and rock love one another – that’s why there is room in his CD case both for the Hives and for Justice. In a world where boundaries between styles are making less and less sense, Tanke gets more benefit than anyone from a lack of self-consciousness, allowing him to add rock, punk, funk, hip hop, electro and r&b, with a final result that sounds consistent and tremendously exciting. Tanke lives always in search of new flavours to be incorporated into this recipe, so you can be sure of one thing – at the next session there’s absolutely bound to be something that surprises you.

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