When Mas i Mas took over the Jamboree and the Tarantos in May 1993, both clubs recovered the spirit with which this legendary space opened more than half a century ago now, with dancing and live music coexisting in perfect harmony. Since then we have been both a live jazz & flamenco club and a discotheque, to put it another way, two places where you can enjoy different sets of good live music and, without going anywhere else, dance to the rhythm of the best selection of r ‘n’ b, hip hop, dancehall or rock indie that can be heard in Barcelona. There’s a good reason for this – we were pioneers in the city in presenting a range designed for everyone who wants to dance and at the same time enjoy the magnetic force of black beats – on the Jamboree dancefloor – or the greatest indie rock – in the Tarantos Club, which you can access via an internal staircase–.

We open from Monday to Sunday, from midnight to 5 in the morning – 6 in the morning on Fridays, Saturdays and the days before public holidays – and we have a varied clientele, consisting of people from the city as well as visitors from all over Europe aged between 20 and 35 in the Jamboree and up to 45 in the Tarantos. We are in the centre of Barcelona – in Plaça Reial – and a short distance from the Rambla and the Liceu metro station. 

Two venues at a maximum price of €10, with the best DJs in the city. 

The Jamboree and Tarantos dancefloors remain open 365 days a year, without exception. We also have a staff of resident disc jockeys as good as any in the best clubs in Europe. 

In Jamboree dance club, lovers of hip hop, funk or soul can move to the rhythm of the decks of DJ Yoda, a leading figure in the sector, who has shared the stage with American dancefloor figures as well-known as Premiere, Tony Touch or Pharcyde; Flavio Rodríguez, a specialist in the r ‘n’ b scene who also has a notable career as a singer; Davin, master of hip-hop and r ’n’ b, but also of soulful house; Mastie, one of the club’s regular DJs, or the always surprising Muly. Also with new deejays emerging quality like Dj Pol 24 Kts and Dj Kunta K.     

We should highlight the periodic visits to the Jamboree booth of Cookin’ Soul, a duet of Valencian DJs who are on first name terms with the great and the good of the international scene and who have appeared several times on MTV and VH1s. With their iconoclastic mixture of mischief, festive spirit and the best selection of the greatest old-school hits, they make the dancefloor a real pressure cooker. 

On the other hand, Tarantos Club has a pool of top resident djs of the level of Viktor Ollé –who seduced the audiences in the famous Crappy Tuesdays in Apolo-, Glass Hat –heretical dj that keeps away form uniformity and boredom-, Bulma Beat –who has shaked the dancehalls of Apolo, City Hall, Sidecar, Otto Zutz and Ocaña-, Dj Kerito –that pushes everybody to the wild abandon with the best indie hits, the greatest rock songs of the 60s and 70s and psychedelic music from the 80s-, and Joe Cabana –who hides beside alias like The Diplomatics and Pink Doves-.  

Two venues shot through with the greatest selection of quality dance music, every day of the year until the early hours and for only €10 admission. And, as if that wasn’t enough, we offer discounts to our customers with virtual flyers or on Facebook – free admission until 2:30am from Sunday to Thursday, and €5 tickets on Fridays, Saturdays and the days before public holidays.



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