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Barna Blues



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Sunday 24 February 2013

Jose Luís Martín director, Manuel López Poy script, Joan Ventosa producer, Bad Music Team (Bad Cultural Association) technical directors. MPEG2 digital video format.



Barna Blues is a musical documentary bringing together the history of this genre in Barcelona. The documentary begins with the intervention of Alfredo Papo, telling us about the first blues concert to take place in the city (and, by extension, in Catalonia and in Spain) at the Capsa Theatre in 1953, featuring the great Big Bill Broonzy. However, the musicians and fans, groups, emblematic venues and festivals take the true leading role, showing us the progress of this music here via interviews and exhaustive graphic and audiovisual compilation. The documentary makes a chronological journey through the real Barcelona blues scene of the ‘80s and ‘90s, down to our time.

Alfredo Papo, Quico Pi de la Serra, Amadeu Casas, Jordi Vidal, Ricky Gil, Vicente Zúmel, Big Mama Montse, August Tharrats, Dani Nel.lo, Joan Mas, Jordi Turtós, Valentí Grau, Alfonso Cito, Hernán Senra "Chino", Blas Picón, Ricardo Chaure, Lluís Coloma, Flavio Rigatozo "Tota", Tomás López Villora "Willy", Blues Reunion, Blues Explosion, Harmónica Zumel Bues Band, Blues Machine, Top Models Experience, Big Chief, Down Home Orquestra, The Walking Stick Man, Alex TNT, Tota Blues, The Suitcase Brothers and many more appear.

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