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Friday 18 May 2018

Duquende cante, Paco Heredia guitar.


In the cante of Duquende and the toque of Paco Heredia, flamenco has two top-class performers. The Sabadell cantaor, christened Juan Rafael Cortés Santiago, was taken under the wing of Camarón de la Isla himself when he was just nine, and a few years later he received the blessing of Paco de Lucía, when he took him on tour around the world. Outstanding among his albums are Duquende y la guitarra de Tomatito (1993) and Samaruco (2000), produced by Isidro Muñoz. Another highlight is the live album Live in Cirque d’Hiver, recorded in Paris following in the footsteps of Camarón himself and accompanied by the guitar of Juan Gómez “Chicuelo”. His companion in the performances for the 1906 cycle will be a true master accompanist of cante the guitarist Paco Heredia, with whom Duquende has forged a very special close relationship. Despite his youth, his personality and his dazzling toque have helped Paco Heredia stand out in the world of flamenco.

*Each concert ticket includes a free 1906 beer, courtesy of Estrella Galicia, which sponsors this cycle.


Full programming

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