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Saturday 15 June 2013

Celeste Alías, vocals and maracas. Santi Careta, guitar, loops, banjo and mandolin. David Soler, guitar and pedal-steel. Oriol Roca, drums.


Antonio Machín forms part of the soundtrack of this country’s memory. His songs and boleros make everyone smile, thanks to a collective post-war radio inheritance that we have all picked up and from which we have created a common background which few have dared to tackle or reconstruct. It is based on this respect and admiration for Machín himself and the still living memories of those difficult years that a jazz group has decided to shape a concert stirring up the sound of our souls.

From the deepest sound of the boleros, with top-quality jazz work and electronic sound games, the make the concert a surprising, emotional, exclusive experience.

By courtesy of Ron Varadero, all those attending can have a free taste of rum with the purchase of their ticket. 

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