Music concert Gustav Lundgren Quintet in Barcelona

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Barcelona Jazz: Gustav Lundgren Quintet

Gustav Lundgren Quintet

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Friday 2 April 2010

Gustav Lundgren guitar, Gabriel Amargant sax, Jorge Rossy piano, Martin Höper double bass, Anton Jarl drums.


Although they are from the north of the European continent, from Sweden, they play cheerful, elegant, sparse bop rather than avant-garde jazz. Sometimes they even dare to flirt with manouche. Gustav Lungren is now one of the best of the acoustic guitarists springing up in Old Europe; a born swinger who, when he was very young, was already attacking the six strings as if he had spent his whole life playing and who already had his own trio at 16. With a technique going beyond the stripped down, he has worked with masters of the calibre of Gustavo Bergalli, Jimmy Rosemberg and Dick Oatts. In Barcelona he will be accompanied by a band led by the local musicians Gabriel Amargant - one of the latest revelations of Catalan jazz - and the multi-instrumentalist Jordi Rossy, this time acting as pianist. Top-class, no-nonsense swing and bop.


* After each set the venue must be move out.

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