Adriana Alcaide & Bárbara Barros in Barcelona

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Symbiotic duo al Museu MUHBA

Adriana Alcaide & Bárbara Barros


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Thursday 21 August 2014

Symbiotic duo:

Adriana Alcaide violin.

Bárbara Barros violin.


The result of two very well defined individualities, the Baroque violin pairing the Symbiotic Duo was started in order to place side by side and accentuate the contrasts between two languages very distant in time: Baroque music and the music of the 20th century. Its members, trained in the Netherlands and in London, have worked with well-known early music groups and recorded their performances for various labels. They present a programme inspired by the famous novel “Gulliver’s travels” by the Irishman Jonathan Swift, which brings together music, readings and the projection of images to help transport the spectator to far-off lands.

6.30 and 8.30pm: 

G. F. Telemann, Gulliver suite for two violins: 


Chaconne of the Lilliputians

Gigue of the Brobdingngians 

B. Bartok, Duos

J. Vierdanck, Capricis

J. M. Leclair, Sonata for violin in G major, Op. 1, num. 5 


G. F. Telemann, Gulliver suite for two violins: 


Daydreams of the Laputians and their attendant flappers

Loure of the well-mannered Houyhnhnms & Wild dance of the untamed 


B. Bartok, Duos

F. Degiardino, Duetto I, Op. 2

J. M. Leclair, Sonata for violin in A major, Op. 1, num. 9

Museu (MUHBA)

Avantcambra del Saló del Tinell

Plaça del Rei s/n 
08002 Barcelona 
Tel. 93 319 17 89 
Fax. 93 256 21 00

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