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Carles Marigó with the Mas i Mas festival in Barcelona.



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Thursday 24 August 2017

Carles Marigó, piano.


Born in 1986, Carles Marigó has a degree in musical performance from the ESMUC (Higher Music School of Catalonia) specialising in the piano, having studied for the qualification with Vladislav Bronevetzky and graduated cum laude. Afterwards, he completed his studies at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow under Irina Plotnikova, also with top marks. He has received advice from artists like Nelson Goerner, Elisabeth Leonskaja and Elsa Púppulo, among many others, and his curious spirit and multifaceted character have led him to work as a performer, composer, arranger and musical educator in projects involving classical music, jazz, funk, traditional music, painting and theatre, always seeking improvisation and creativity. This explains his success in winning awards in Spanish and international competitions both for the piano and as a composer. He has also taken part in festivals in Spain, Portugal, Holland and Russia. Today he offers us a tour of different periods of this country’s music, from the Renaissance, with piano arrangements of works originally for vihuela (Mudarra) and organ (by Cabezón), to the musical nationalism of authors like Granados, Albéniz and de Falla; not forgetting Baroque music by the organist and composer Pablo Bruna, the sonatas of Antonio Soler, a great representative of the 18th-century Spanish school of keyboard music, and the compositions of Mompou. A true lesson in the history of our music.

A. Mudarra, Fantasia X

A. de Cabezón, Diferencias sobre la gallarda milanesa

P. Bruna, Tiento de falsas de 2º tono

Pare A. Soler, Sonates 88, 10, 84, 37 i 43

F. Mompou, Cançó i dansa III i VI

E. Granados, Danzas Españolas: Danses 2, 4, i 5. Goyescas: El Pelele

I. Albéniz, Suite española: Asturias

M. de Falla, l amor brujo: Danza ritual del fuego fatuo 

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