Ensemble XXI de l'Orquestra de Cambra del Penedès in Barcelona

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Pierrot Lunaire amb Marta Valero al Museu MUHBA

Ensemble XXI de l'Orquestra de Cambra del Penedès


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Sunday 1 September 2013

Ensemble XXI of the Penedès Chamber Orchestra:

Víctor Pérez, violin and viola.

Sergi Gili, flute and piccolo.

Ausiàs Garrigós, clarinet, bass clarinet and E-flat clarinet.

Cèlia Torres, cello.

Andreu Gallén, piano.

Marta Valero, vocals and sprechstimme.

Màrius McGuinness, conductor.


A. Schönberg Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21

Premiered in 1912 in Berlin, “Pierrot lunaire”, offered today by Ensemble XXI of the Penedès Chamber Orchestra and the mezzosoprano Marta Valero, is a song cycle based on poems by Albert Giraud which Schönberg set to atonal music. Although it is not dodecaphonic, it does show the influence of numerology, for example based on the number 7, the number of members of the instrumental group. Inspired by the Viennese cabaret atmosphere, a particular feature of the work is the use of sprechstimme or spoken discourse combined with old forms and varied instrumentation and dealing with themes such as love, religion and violence.

MUHBA - Museu d’Història de Barcelona

Sala Martí l'Humà

Plaça del Rei s/n 
08002 Barcelona 
T. 93 319 17 89 

Tickets on:

Box office Muhba, every sunday from 5.30pm to 8.30pm


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