Helena Muñoz, Andrea Peirón & Jordi Flaquer in Barcelona

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Trio Hyagnis al Museu MUHBA

Helena Muñoz, Andrea Peirón & Jordi Flaquer


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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Helena Muñoz violin.

Andrea Peirón cello.

Jordi Flaquer piano.


The Hyagnis Trio, founded at the ESMUC in Barcelona in 2004, takes the name of the creator of polyphony and has in its repertoire some of the leading works of classicism and romanticism, as well as music closer to our own time.  Its members have been taught by outstanding names in chamber music, such as the members of the Casals Quartet, the Arbós Trio or the pianist Alan Branch, they have won awards at competitions for young performers and have appeared in various concert cycles in Barcelona. Today they perform compositions either written in times of war or with a victorious and triumphal sound.

6.30 and 8.30pm:

M. Ravel Trio in A minor:


Pantoum (assez vif)

Passacaille (très large)

Final (animé)


J. Brahms Trio num. 2 in C major

Museu (MUHBA)

Avantcambra del Saló del Tinell

Plaça del Rei s/n 
08002 Barcelona 
Tel. 93 319 17 89 
Fax. 93 256 21 00

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