Mû & Sasha Agranov in Barcelona

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Mû & Sasha Agranov

Africa to the Caucasus

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Monday 22 August 2011

Mû vocals, guitar and tonkorongh

Sasha Agranov cello




Own works

Music as a global expression is perfectly expressed in this duet. Born in Guinea-Bissau, since childhood, Mú has assimilated the musical tradition of his homeland. A store that has never been lost as he has begun incorporating other styles and genres such as reggae, jazz, blues, gospel and even flamenco rhythms and Latin music. A varied amalgam that he has put into practice alongside Manu Dibango, Kathy Autrey, Rosa Zaragoza, José Luís Montón and La Locomotora Negra, among others. His stage partner is the cellist of Russian origin, Sasha Agranov. Musically trained in Israel, where he has lived since he was very young, he has created the duo Selva de Mar with Pablo Wayne and he regularly plays and records with the group Rubato Appassionato. Alongside Mú, Agranov puts into practice his open, plural vision of a music that knows no limitations or borders of any kind.

Palau de la Música - Sala d’Assaig de l’Orfeó Català

Palau de la música, 4 – 6

08003 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89

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