Névoa & Vicenç Solsona in Barcelona

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Barcelona 2019 Névoa & Vicenç Solsona

Névoa & Vicenç Solsona

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Saturday 7 August 2010

Névoa voice, Vicenç Solsona guitar.


Works by Federico Valério, Carlos Gonçalves, Alain Oulman, Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque, Bruno Martino, Álvaro Carrillo, Víctor Manuel...
Núria Piferrer is Névoa, a voice touched by saudade and fatum but escaping condemnation to an unfortunate destiny. Because when she sings she fills everything with her lively, infectious smile. And, although she declares herself a follower of the great Amalia Rodrigues and her "strange way of life", she cannot help filling her repertoire with a wide variety of the registers offered to her by the Portuguese-speaking world. She does so accompanied by a true wizard of the strings – the guitarist Vicenç Solsona, who holds the world's warmest, most evocative rhythms in his hands.

Palau de la Música

Palau de la música, 4 – 6
08003 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89


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