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Paco Ibáñez with the Mas i Mas festival in Barcelona.



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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Paco Ibañez vocals and guitar, Mario Mas guitar, Gorka Benítez tenor sax, Horacio Fumero double bass, César Stroscio concertina, Pep Pascual sound effects, Frederic Amat stage space, Jordi Salvadó sound, David Bofarull lights.


Under the stars of the Barcelona sky, on the Amat red carpet surrounded by excellent musicians, Paco Ibáñez, guitar in hand, will fly through space and time on a journey around Mare Nostrum, championing humanism against modern barbarianism. Songs of love, of pure existentialism, struggle and resistance, wrapped in the rhythms of the instruments and the strength of the poetry, will evoke rawness and sadness but also excitement, love and hope. King Al-Mu’tamid, Abenámar and the Morisco romances will take us to Al-Àndalus, a musical journey skirting the shores of the Mediterranean and reminding us of the times and of dialogue between very different cultures. “En Méditerranée”, the song by his sadly missed friend originally from Alexandria, Georges Moustaki, will be present on this musical journey. A magical spectacle in which, as in the stories of Scheherezade, irony, tenderness and the reality of life coexist with the most intense dreams. Tonight the voice of Paco Ibáñez will open a mysterious, secret door for everyone: the silent, dazzling entrance to poetry. The door of freedom.

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Teatre Grec

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Tel. 93 319 17 89 

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