Paula Domínguez, Dani Silva & Pablo Gómez in Barcelona

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Paula Dominguez

Paula Domínguez, Dani Silva & Pablo Gómez

Polka Dot Soul

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Monday 15 August 2011

Paula Domínguez cante 

To be confirmed guitar

Pablo Gómez percussion




Own works

Paula Domínguez has a chameleon of a voice moving freely from one style to another, from jazz to flamenco via blues and rock. Trained in the Barcelona Musicians’ Workshop, she has taken part in many festivals and recently performed “La vida breve” by Manuel de Falla with the Galician Symphony Orchestra”. “Soul de lunares” (Polka Dot Soul) is her most personal approach and, far from blending flamenco and soul, her aim is that the two styles should go arm in arm, showing that they can coexist peacefully without the need to swallow one another up. She seeks a new sound, establishing a modern harmony between soul and pop based on the rhythmic patterns of flamenco. 

Palau de la Música - Sala d’Assaig de l’Orfeó Català

Palau de la música, 4 – 6

08003 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89

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