Uma Ysamat & Josep Colom in Barcelona

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Uma Ysamat & Josep Colom al Museu MUHBA

Uma Ysamat & Josep Colom


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Monday 26 August 2013

Uma Ysamat, soprano.

Josep Colom, piano.


6.30 and 8.30pm:

M. Ravel A la manière de Chabrier (solo piano)

E. Satie Pieces en forme de poire:

Manière de commencement (piano four hands)

I. Stravinsky Tango (solo piano)

A. Schönberg Der Genüssame Leibhaber (song with piano)

E. Satie Pieces en forme de poire:

Prima (piano four hands)

C. Debussy General Lavine excentrique (prelude) (solo piano)

E. Satie La Diva de l’empire (song with piano)

C. Debussy Children’s Corner:

Cake-Walk (solo piano)

E. Satie Je te veux (song with piano)


P. Hindemith Suite “1922”:

Boston (solo piano)

A. Schönberg Mahnung (song with piano)

I. Stravinsky Easy pieces:

Andante and March (piano four hands) 

A. Schönberg Jedem das Seine (song with piano)

C. Debussy Minstrels (solo piano)

A. Schönberg Galathea (song with piano)

I. Stravinsky Easy pieces:

Waltz (piano four hands)

C. Debussy La plus que lente (waltz) (solo piano)

A. Schönberg Arie aus dem Spiegel vom Arcadien (song with piano)

Attracted by the frivolous, sarcastic facet of a composer who has gone down in history for dreaming up a new system of composition, Uma Ysamat and Josep Colom have designed this show based on the songs written by Arnold Schönberg in the Berlin cabaret style. The subversive lyrics and relaxed aspects of this light music have led them to seek equally daring works by other German, French and Russian composers normally associated with more cultured music. So, they recreate an imaginary cabaret session alternating, without continuity announcements, songs and pieces for solo piano or four hands.

MUHBA - Museu d’Història de Barcelona

Sala Martí l'Humà

Plaça del Rei s/n 
08002 Barcelona 
T. 93 319 17 89 

Tickets on:

Box office Muhba, every sunday from 5.30pm to 8.30pm


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