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    En 1996 el boom de la música electrònica a Barcelona ja havia explotat completament i els clubs i festivals s'estaven convertint en multitudinaris i massius, convocant a una quantitat de gent cada cop més gran, fins que a algú se li...

  • 24338

    La versión BCN del Festival Mutek continúa contando con nosotros en su 6ª edición para presentar a sus invitados más pisteros y bailables. Esta noche el plato fuerte es Move D, el productor alemán que ha pasado de ser uno de los héroes ‘inteligentes’ de...

  • 24254

    A punto de cumplir un año de existencia de Clásicos del Ruido, hemos pensado que es la excusa perfecta para celebrar un mini-festival, bajo el nombre de Clásicos Del Weekend. Dos noches mágicas, la del viernes 6 y sábado 7 de Marzo, con unos invitados muy...

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Moog: Disco Barcelona & Clubs

In the mid-nineties, electronic and techno music arrived in Barcelona to stay and, in tune with the new times, Mas i Mas extended its range with a club where all these new sounds would fit in. This is how the Moog Electronic Dancing Club began, a new club in the heart of the Raval (not far from the Rambla and the Plaça Reial) which, while looking to the future, recovers a real classic venue from the old Chinese quarter (the legendary Villa Rosa), and the tradition of “dancings” (the precursors of modern clubs). Under the expert DJ Loe, it opens every day (from Monday to Sunday). The Moog is becoming an essential part of the Barcelona nightlife scene – a place of pilgrimage for those who like their partying to sound electronic, techno and synthetic.

The best techno in Barcelona from the Moog

Now a leading club, its fame has quickly crossed borders, making it somewhere DJs and producers from all over the world simply have to visit. Visitors have included big names in electronica and techno like Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, DJ Hell, Richie Hawtin, James Holden, John Talabot and Josh Wink.

Top DJs in one of the best techno clubs

Many established names have made their first appearance in the Moog’s booth, offering the audience the chance to enjoy many different styles. Today the Moog continues to offer a programme as fresh and exciting as when it opened in 1996, with daily sessions from resident DJs of the calibre of Gus Van Sound, Ruben Seoane, 6TMA, Uroz, Olmos and many others, combined with top-level visitors. Do you want to dance the night away to great electronic music? Then the Moog is the place for you! Long live the Moog!

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