Since the nineteenth century, Barcelona has often been at the forefront of cultural movements in Spain. And, since the early 90s, electronic music worldwide has grown and developed through initiatives such as the Sonar festival and, particularly, through continuous work by the club Moog, located in the venue previously occupied by the concert café Villa Rosa for several decades, located at the heart of the dynamic, historic area, the Ciutat Vella district, which always welcomes all sorts of cultural events and is the gateway for many genres of music into the city and the country in general.

It was in 1996, when music made with electronic devices began to gain the recognition it deserved, when the Mas i Mas group decided to turn that old disused cabaret into a club devoted entirely to electronic music. Nowadays, it is normal to find disc jockeys in any small venue in Barcelona, but Moog presents a programme with performances by electronic music stars streets ahead of other venues in the rest of Spain or even Europe. The managers of Moog continue to feel the same desire to innovate and present the cream of techno on a national and international level as they did on the very first day.

The beat of electonic music

From Monday to Sunday, from midnight until dawn, 365 days a year. And with something new and different on offer every day, to please the most demanding electronic music audience, or those who simply wish to move their bodies penetrated by the magnetic beat of this kind of music. Moog offers them a monthly programme full of prestigious artists within the electronic music genres like house, drum'n'bass, electro trash, trance or classic techno. The club has three resident Omar León, Gus i DJ Olmos with special sessions dedicated to specific schools of electronic music.

Since the beginning, Wednesday has been the day when major international techno stars have performed, a tradition which is continued in August when, to coincide with the San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival, the club managers take advantage of the timing to programme big electro names. Along with the line up of special sessions on Wednesdays, or on other days of the week, given the opportunity, the creative managers at Moog often introduce stars from other European scenes - from France, Italy or Germany, which in many cases provides a unique opportunity to discover electro scenes which are little-known in our country.

The fact that Moog is now one of the most successful electronic music clubs in Spain attracts many fans of this cutting-edge genre from all around Europe. However, Moog’s reputation as a quality night club fills its dance floor with a mixed crowd practically every weekend and most weekdays, a crowd who are not necessarily techno experts but do appreciate a club that plays quality dance music.

Villarosa: the elevated chill out area

If you walk around the edge of the dance floor, you can go up some stairs to a higher level with a smaller dance floor with a resident DJ who usually plays a selection of electro-pop tunes and seventies and eighties disco and techno tracks. This little area is a kind of chill out with a slightly calmer beat than in the main room but where you can still enjoy dancing. It acts as a more relaxed counterpoint to the loud, rhythmic impedance turned out by the techno stars on the lower floor. Unlike the lower floor of the club, at Villarosa you can hear a few old hits too, if and only if they reach the minimum standards required by the Mas I Mas group. With Villarosa, fans have two areas with a different ambience in each for the same price (10€).

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