Music session …ADD? & RUBÉN SEOANE in Barcelona

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Rúben Seoane al Moog techno club de Barcelona.


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Saturday 30 May 2015

His radio project Ràdio Evolució kept him away from clubs for 5 years, but, with his return, this Barcelona DJ and producer is giving us some of the best moments of the year. Despite having returned to the decks, he has not abandoned the project that kept him so busy: a means of musical/scientific dissemination beyond compare with which he has managed to combine the things he likes best: electronic music and science with a conscience. As a DJ nowadays he is one of the jokers in the Moog’s pack, alone or as the perfect accompaniment for anyone.

The promise has now been fulfilled. A couple of years ago we welcomed Rubén Seoane as an apprentice and we now have a new master in our ranks. Our most recent resident has become a key player and he’s been allowed out on his own for some time now. And, although his speciality is the most mental side of techno with nineties roots, his tastes are wildly eclectic and deeply encyclopedic, as they need to be to survive in our booth, where you’re just as likely to have to act as warm-up for a guest of who knows what style as you are to run a whole night yourself. Rubén Seaone can do all this and more.

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Arc del Teatre 3
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89

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