Music session DJD! & MARC FRIGOLA in Barcelona

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Marc Frigola and Djd!


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Saturday 21 January 2012

Djd! has been present in much of the where and the when that have shaped the electronic excellence of Barcelona in the last fifteen years. And is that track from the mid-nineties of the French emigrant transmuted into multidisciplinary activities used to draw a complete map of the best clubs, parties and festivals in the city. Because the residences are clubs which are part of local mythology as the Moog, Nitsa, Lo * li * ta or Astin, regular presences Sonar, Monegros FIB or seminal or didactic activity from the equally mythical shop the House are bright parts of a multifaceted artistic coherenet but also extends into his bag of records, an area where there is room rabidly free pair techno, atmospheric, pop and even chanson.

Marc Frigola began his career as a DJ in 1998 at the legendary La Boîte room. Since then 13 years have passed, and this illustrious member of the Barcelona scene has continued to surprise. Head of the magical nights of the Liquid nightclub, has trampled many booths around the globe, exporting their sound to Europe and South America. In 2006 he created the label Neue Lärmklassiker, along with Manuel Ruiz, "aka System." Today is the new signing of Science record label, based in Beijing, and the head of this label showcases the Moog.
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Arc del Teatre 3
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89

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