Music session GUS VAN SOUND + FASE in Barcelona

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Gus Van Sound at Moog techno club of Barcelona.



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Saturday 10 September 2016

In a few years he has gone from being a “resident at the MOOG” to become one of Barcelona’s essential DJs, although his story began long before that and has taken him to many places (Moviedisco, Sonar, Monegros, etc., etc.). He has also risen from being a luxury warm-up act to become a name in his own right, recognised by FACT Magazine a couple of seasons ago as being one of the DJs to follow must closely. He has recently moved into the record label sector, co-founding the Polybius Trax and Clásicos del Ruido labels. The multidisciplinary, underground agitator Gus Van Sound is much more than a DJ.

Subsonic vibrations, hypnotic beats and psychonaut melodies courtesy of Fase, one of the three members of Gravity Disturbance, a collective formed by three of the most mental type of technoheads who sometimes use advanced electronica to reach out to outer space or the fourth dimension. When the stars are aligned they work as a trinity – a balanced constellation spinning discs with six hands. But separately, like Fase tonight, each of them is like a shooting star, emerging from the depths of the cosmos and rapidly returning there, leaving you illuminated and amazed. Perhaps we’re verging on the esoteric, but the occasion is worthy of it: Fase and Gravity Disturbance are the best exponents of far out techno we have around these parts.

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Arc del Teatre 3
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