Music session MISSY KARMA & OMAR LEÓN in Barcelona

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Missy Karma


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Thursday 4 October 2012


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Missy Karma
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This "woman dj", born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain) 31 years ago. Since childhood he was interested in music in general, but it was the House of the late 80s, the more electronic sounds of the early 90s, which prompted her to want to know in depth everything related to culture. Breath also of Old School Hardcore, Jungle, Trance, Goa, Techno, Electro .. ivan successive styles arriving south of Andalucia.

14 years in the "backstage" of electronic world have given musical maturity and exquisite taste, currently at its shows through particularly. But in 2000 when this girl has the opportunity to get in front of some plates, hand of a friend and hip-hop dj, with learning the basics of the art of mixing.

Two years later becomes the feminine essence of Another Dimension Records, where he began as dj tanned hand Dj.Rasco, becomes his right hand and began to actively participate in each of the projects of the group ( Record shop, shop online, Booking Agency, Label Manager, event promotion, etc .....).

Missy Karma was winner of nationwide djs "New Sound" 06, for its originality and its good music mixing.

After his stay in Berlin (Germany) in 2004, is inevitably influenced by electronic sounds increasingly perceive currently in Techno sessions.

His music is deeply rooted tendency to classics like Kraftwerk and banned seekers sound like Anthony Rother, Exzakt and Drexciya.

Broken and forceful rhythms, sounds serious contrast with the elegance of Missy karma, and show that this girl is marking propio.Siendo style so one of the few national djs which is identified with this style Electro.

Resident dj with Gonzalo Miranda, one of the hot spots in the province of Cadiz "The Snack African" during the summer of 2009.Donde enlivened with vowels Deephouse and more elegant evenings and sunsets.

Resident "The Garage" in his hometown in the winter of 2009/10, where Missy Karma dinners accompanied with the musical quality that always goes with it.

Full of track grooves Eden, in Canos de Meca (Cadiz) in the summer of 2010 with Marcos Cruz.

In 2008 he was signed to the booking Raveart, manager of the biggest events of pais.Indispensable Breaks sounds at festivals like Summer festival, winter festival retromusic festival, Woman love djs, Hardcorebats tour (Uk) SFX comeback etc etc ...

Also tried his hand as a presenter on the radio station dedicated to the electronics of the Bay of Cadiz "Wild FM", where rhythm filled the early hours of the early morning of Saturday ..

Considered one of the most requested DJs in Andalucia, runs every weekend with his music Andalusian provinces, and frequently in Extremadura, the Canary Islands and southern Portugal and Morocco.

enprogramas radio guest as prominent as iBreaks (Uk), Breaks FM (Uk), Bass Events (UK) or FM-Raveolutions Rua (Portugal), radiomix (Uruguay) and myriad national and Radio 3 (Madrid) Contact Synthetic (Barcelona) ...

Currently has transferred his residence to the city of Barcelona, ​​where he started his musical production stage, and opened a gap respected in the city, where they select their sesiones.Ademàs is responsible for promoting Awco with dj nights " Contact synthetic "sound Electro focused exclusively. He has shared the stage with such notable artists as, DJ Hell, Octave One, Kazu Kimura, Oscar Mulero, Jim Masters, Pendullum, Billy Dalesandro, Expander, Mathias Tanzmann, DavidSquillace, Mark manzenit, TaniaVulcano, Alexanderkowaski, Octave One, Aril Brikha, Hybrid , Cris Carter, Elite Force, Dave London, Icey, Pendulum, Freq Nasty, Stanton Warriors, Dirty Phonics ...

Although less frequent, are very interesting and intense their sessions chill, dub, lounge, downtempo, 2step, soulfull ...

Notable her performance in the parade Belulah for flamenco fashion show Jerez 2010 and 2011, where electronica tinged flamenco collection risky and innovative.

D Other vision is the alias used when this artist wants to show without any restrictions.

Dj versatile and charismatic that leads to indifference wherever he goes ...

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