Music session OMAR LEÓN & GUS & CARLES BENEDET in Barcelona

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Gus Van Sound and Omar León


Moogre, Barcelona.

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Tuesday 28 June 2011

A tireless worker for the cabins of the city from the now distant days Moviedisco or La Paloma, Gus has become his passion for electronic dance music in the central axis of a career path full of interesting stops. While full-band pop sensibility, in its more than fifteen year career Gus has found space to combine regular presence in all the hot spots of Barcelona's club scene with the protagonist in festivals such as Sonar or Monegros and trips to various European clubs. All this activity has not been obstacle DJ to also attack other techno styles of activism, from the remix to conducting a radio program through participation in groups such Visitor or Gen.

Let 's get serious. the service record that has accumulated Omar León in the two decades ultimass do, without question, worthy of space for life in the Most Holy Trinity county electronics. With one or another role within the business, Omar has been in the history of Barcelona clubber almost from minute zero. His is the paternity, par example, the legendary label Minifunk. His is the perfect chronicle of the techno generation Loops, the book which was co-author. And, above all, theirs are some of the sessions anthologies that have lived in the Moog, which established its base of operations and a pile of seasons ago and where still able to surprise even the most Pintao any night. Always eclectic, incisive and unafraid to risk bets, Omar continues to be a safe value for which to bet.
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Arc del Teatre 3
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89

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