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Zero al Moog Barcelona.



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Wednesday 1 January 2014

Rubén Seoane & Zero


In a corrupt, unjust world where the shameless and those who least deserve it enjoy success, the case of Rubén Seoane is an encouraging example. Until four years ago he was still running around the Moog dancefloor, more interested in the tracks being played than the mundane distractions, until someone discovered that he DJed and did it very well. Faithful to the cause of vinyl and with his own, non-negotiable judgment, we now count him as one of our residents and he has become a key part of our nights.

Zero in its principles came to become one of the dj's most popular hip-hop circuit in Barcelona and next to Oliver Gallego (Mucho Muchacho), created the popular band 7 Notas 7 Colores to where military that hatching electronic music in Barcelona. Great connoisseur of styles as acid-house, the sounds of early Chicago house and Detroit techno is capable of performing all types of sessions. It has proliferated as a DJ in many rooms, some examples are: San Francisco, Apollo Night, Fist Bar, Moog, KGB, Dot, Lolita, Taste, Barcelona City Hall, The Loft, Rachdingue, Florida 135, la Sala del Cel or the Eix. He has participated on numerous occasions at various festivals and music events: Sonar, Art Futura, Doctor Music Festival, Groove Parade or Observatori Also contributed to writing the release of "LOOPS. A HISTORY OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC" (Random House / Mondadori, 2002). Working on various labels such as Warm-Up & Pole Recordings (Madrid), Factor City (Barcelona) or Immolate. And all this without neglecting his work in the shop Wah Wah Records.

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