Towards the end of 2013, the Mas i Mas group – a company that has been at the service of live music and disco sessions for more than two decades – began working on a new line and identity for the Tarantos venue, creating TARANTOS CLUB. Until then, at night, the venue was a discothèque, focusing on eighties music, pop and more commercial sounds. With the appearance of Tarantos Club, the venue moved towards DJ sessions and bands from more alternative styles, like soul and surf, which were very well received by the Barcelona public.

For 2015, the idea is to take the programme, directed by DJ Kerito, Joe Cabana and Hal9000, a little further, linking up with current trends that make indie one of the hardest hitting styles of our time. So the BACK TO THE ROOTS cycle is being organised for live performances. These parties will be held once every two months and will bring to Barcelona two concerts by leading indie rock bands, providing the city’s audience with the best alternative rock made in this country. 

Meanwhile, a pool of top resident DJs will take charge of the disco sessions:

Hal9000 – 2006 was the year in which began the Odyssey for Hal9000; where he started playing at BeCool, legal deposit or Club Fantastico. From the most dirty guitars, to the Britpop sound, through the Indie strongest in electronics today. It is difficult to appear indifferent to their sessions. To date, we walked to a lot of clubs ot the country as Razzmatazz, Apolo, La [2] de Nitsa, BeCool, Sidecar, KGB, the Council, BeGood, Up, Manchester Bar, Démodé, Fantastic ( Barcelona), Salamander 1 and 2 Legal Deposit (Hospitalet) Clap, Drama Centre, 54 (Mataro) and Cau, dining Zero Loop (Tarragona), Pasternak (Vic) Stroika (Manresa), crushed, Oniria ( Reus) of 2046 (Granollers), Insitu (Andorra), Blas Hit Me, Balboa (Sabadell) Faktoria Arts Berlin, Velcro, Vynil (Terrace) Arrikitown (Cornellà) Rubik (Vilassar), Cloe (Girona ) Paul (Lleida), Nylon (Valencia), Stereo, Bizz'art, REM (Murcia), Kraken (Alicante), Soho (Gijón) Blend (Corunna), Zeppelin, Radiola, Malababa (Castellón), Rogue ( Toledo), Kursaal (San Sebastian), Palace Sports Arena (Bilbao), Heineken / Marco Aldany Pirandello 1 and 2, and Eight East, Elastic, Nells (Madrid).

Glass Hat – God bless those of heretical tastes. Somewhere between musician, disc spinner and showman, DJ Glass Hat is one of the healthiest vaccines against uniformity and the snobbish reductionism that too often poisons our city’s nightlife. Because, in a world that so slavishly follows the latest trends, it’s essential to have a character like Glass Hat. Uninhibited and extremely broadminded, he draws art from the mundane and makes his sessions a celebration of the popular music of the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties and styles like pop, rock, indie, house, dance, nu disco, new wave and lounge in harmonious coexistence. On Tuesday nights, guitars and electronica will love one another.     

Bulma Beat - Wednesday nights will be entrusted to one of the best-loved DJs in the country, particularly linked with the Mas i Mas group since he began spinning discs at the Moog, recovering the legendary hits of the eighties to shape the character of the Villarosa club. Since then he has remained on the city’s club scene without becoming pigeonholed in any one musical style, committed to the most eclectic sounds – from those of the seventies to R&B, rock, pop, house, nu disco, EDM and many others. His residencies at the Jamboree and Boulevard venues are notorious, but he has also been heard at the legendary Cupcake parties at the Apolo – which became big Thursday attractions on the Barcelona scene – at City Hall, the Sidecar, Otto Zutz or the Ocaña, among many, many others.  

DJ Kerito – Since he arrived in Barcelona some years ago, DJ Kerito has not wavered in his intention to transmit his love for music to all mortals. His main motivation is to see people enjoying the dancefloor, mercilessly getting them moving with the best indie tunes, the most psychedelic sixties’ and seventies’ rock, the electronic and dance hits of the eighties or the great songs left to us by the nineties and noughties. After successful stints at La [2] at the Apolo, Sidecar, Fantástico, Plástico, Minusa... it’s now the turn of the Tarantos Club!

Joe Cabana – Thursdays will be led by Joe Cabana, a DJ in the booth with a range of genres so diverse that it’s impossible to know what he’s going to surprise us with next. That’s why he hides behind several aliases, like The Diplomatics and Pink Doves, allowing him to give free rein to his imagination with the liberty to reinvent himself continuously, combining his most classical and avant-garde facets. His long career include 3 LPs as a DJ and keyboard player with the group O.S.D., management of various radio shows and programming and artistic direction for various clubs, such as Liquid and La Boîte Barcelona. One of the greats.    


Concerts: from midnight to 2am

DJ sessions: from 2am

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