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WELELÓ at Tarantos


HIP HOP / RAP at Barcelona

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Thursday 7 December 2017

Weleló Zamora vocals, Pau García keyboard, Joseph Horns bass, El Tornado drums.


Weleló celebrates the tenth anniversary of his hit “¿Sabrás Decirlo?” with a concert where he will be accompanied by the keyboard player Pau García, the drummer El Tornado and the bassist Joseph Horns, along with other guests. Since Weleló came into contact with hip-hop for the first time 20 years ago, his career has been unstoppable: he has two self-released albums and an EP and one nomination for the Spanish MTV awards; he has supported Common; he has taken part in the Hipnotick Festival and the Red Bull Batalla de Gallos on several occasions, and he performed regularly during the first stage of Aurelio Santos’s WTF Jam Sessions. This Barcelona producer, singer and MC does not understand fashion or stereotypes and believes his honest, transparent music has the power to explain, communicate, denounce, raise awareness and entertain. An evening for discovering the strength of rap and hip-hop at the hands of an artist who shuns gimmicks. And if you buy a VIP ticket you will not only receive an exclusive t-shirt, you will also have chance to meet him in person.

Remember that if you acquire the VIP ticket (we have 15 for sale) you will receive not only an exclusive shirt. You will also have the possibility of knowing him in person!


Plaça Reial 17
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89
Fax. 93 315 02 21




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