Show FLAMENCO AND LOVE in Barcelona

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Monday 8 of April
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Tuesday 9 of April
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Wednesday 10 of April
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Thursday 11 of April
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Friday 12 of April
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Saturday 13 of April
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Sunday 14 of April
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h


Belén de la Quintana and Pedro Córdoba dancing, Miguel de la Tolea and Joaquín “El Duende” singing, Manuel Castilla guitar, José de Mode percussion and Agus bass.


The relationship between Pedro Córdoba and Belén de la Quintana goes back a long way, ever since they worked together in the show Contraste in 2007 with Juan Ogalla and Daniel Navarro. More recently, they also worked together in one of Pedro Córdoba’s own productions, 2mil y pico, created for the Original Flamenco Festival in Madrid. The Sabadell dancer is an artist trained in classical ballet and Spanish and contemporary dance at the Pastora Martos school and, later, the Theatre Institute. Throughout his career he has received advice from figures like La Tani, Antonio Canales and Javier Latorre. His dancing, full of energy and duende, mirrors that of Antonio Canales, one of his main role models, although he also admits deep admiration for bailaores like Israel Galván and Alfonso Loza. Belén de la Quintana, from Madrid, trained with Isabel Santoja, Merche Esmeralda and La Tati. She also has a brilliant CV, having taken part in shows by Rafael Amargo and José Antonio Ruiz, and she is a regular at the top tablaos in the country.


Plaça Reial 17
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89
Fax. 93 315 02 21




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