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Monday 22 of July
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h | 22:30h

Tuesday 23 of July
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h | 22:30h

Wednesday 24 of July
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h | 22:30h

Thursday 25 of July
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h | 22:30h

Friday 26 of July
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h | 22:30h

Saturday 27 of July
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h | 22:30h

Sunday 28 of July
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h | 22:30h


Olga Llorente and Juan Fernández (dancers), Juanjo de Nayeli and Rosario Heredia (singers), José de Mode (percussion) and Jesús Núñez (guitar).


Catalan Olga Llorente and Andalucian Juan Fernández will be performing as a duet on stage at Tarantos Live Flamenco. When they perform it is easy to see that they live and breathe flamenco. They’ve both had long, successful careers, learning from renowned teachers such as Farruquito in Llorente’s case and Leonor Leal in Fernandez’s case, besides both receiving lessons from Antonio “El Pipa”.

They’ve participated in countless festivales and shows, both in their home country of Spain as well as in other countries around the world... Simply put, they are renowned dancers, admired by their peers in the flamenco world.

During this last week of July we will have the privilege of enjoying both of them together on the same stage, accompanied by musicians that will make attendees want to rise up, tap their feet and clap their hands to the sound of their music. Olé!


Plaça Reial 17
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89
Fax. 93 315 02 21




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