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Jaco Abel

Jaco Abel & Familia Amador PataNegra

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Sunday 11 March 2012


Patricia Ibañez Romero



Pepe de Pura: Cante

Jaco Abel: Guitarra Eléctrica Flamenca

Ramón Amador: Guitarra Flamenca

Luis Amador "Pata Negra": Cajón




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Jaco Abel
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Patricia Ibañez Romero


Pepe de Pura: Cante

Jaco Abel: Guitarra Eléctrica Flamenca

Ramón Amador: Guitarra Flamenca

Luis Amador "Pata Negra": Cajón

Mas i Mas presents a unique week from 5 to March 11, attended for the first time at a flamenco guitarist Jaco Abel Electric Flamenco with the renowned Family Amador "Pata Negra" of 3,000 homes in Seville.

Patricia Ibañez:

Dancer at a young age, Patricia Ibanez was born in Jerez de la Frontera, and only five years in this art blunts performing at the Theatre de Jerez Villamarta the hand of Professor Christopher "The Jerezano". Perfect studying flamenco dance in numerous specialized workshops with artists such as Carmen Cortés, Eva "Peppermint", Manolo Marin, Rafaela Carrasco, Farruquito, Juana Amaya, Belén Maya and Antonio "El Pipa", with which later became invited to join in their dance company.

1998 she was invited by guitarist and composer Paco Cepero in the "Festival Flamenco Gitano", making a tour in Germany with great artists like Annie Lennox, Manuel Moneo, Jose Vargas, Juan Villas among others, visiting big cities like Berlin, Cologne, Halle, Hamburg, Zurich, Frankfurt, Munich, Münster, Lübeck, etc.

2003 Act in the Madrid Theatre Company Manuel Morao with his show "Gypsy". After his performance, is called to join the company of Antonio el Pipa debuting at DeSevilla Italica Festival as well as Flamenco Festival of Jerez Villamarta Theatre with the show "Experiences", continuing with other releases like "Trilogy" , "De Cai Dance", "Gypsy Caravan I", making the latter a significant tour of Latin dance as artistic partner, for cities like New York, Washington, Miami, California, Boston, Denver, Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto (Canada), Albuquerque (New Mexico) ... consummating the tour at the Theatre "City Center in New York" where amazing reach critical in the New York Daily Times.

2005 participated in the Feast of the Bulería Adra (Almería), with its own flamenco show sharing the stage with artists such as Miguel Flores "Capullo de Jerez", Carmen de la Jara and David Lagos. A year later a scholarship obtiena Cristina Heeren Foundation in Seville.

2007 participates in the National Contest of Córdoba leaving Award finalist Eduardo Serrano "The Güito", and gets the 1 st Prize at the Art Flamenco "Ciudad de Ubrique." In the same year as the Company promoted by the Andalusian Flamenco for his show "Tribute to Cadiz."?

Currently and since 2008, is part of the "Ballet Andaluz", directed by Cristina Hoyos, participating in shows, "Southern Tour" and "Gypsy Ballads" with querealiza a tour of Argentina, Cuba and Paris.

He runs his own school of flamenco dance flamenco in the barrio of Santiago in Jerez de la Frontera, with the director and teacher of the center and combining this activity with many courses abroad and solo performances with his own flamenco show.

Pepe de Pura:

Pepe de Pura is a singer from Seville tanning in the back of the largest companies of its time. He started in flamenco through its family atmosphere, but soon became a professional reputation through his collaborations with teachers and Farruco, Mario Maya and Manuela Carrasco.

He has also worked for artists such as Israel Galván, Belen Maya, Javier Baron and Antonio Canales, among others. Since 2002 the company is part of Eva Yerbabuena. Today is one of the vocalists for the dance genre's most important.

Jaco Abel:

Sensible, chameleon, son of flamenco artists.

With a very different way of playing on electric guitar, an echo of his Flamenca heritage and taught himself the instrument on his second and revealing work "Electric Flamenco" 2006 opened the door to Flamenco Guitar, a new sound in the tradition purest Gypsy flamenco while a new perspective and sound in the wide world of international electric guitar.

International and combining concerts in Europe in July 2011 have released their third CD "Ayaya". Flemish origin and belonging to the golden age of "Romantic Andalusia", dating back 100 to 120 years ago. Music played on electric guitar and flamenco inspired teachers: Ramon Montoya, Sabica, Niño Ricardo, Girl of the Combs, Mandeli, Bean, etc ....

He has worked with:

Estrella Morente, South Barber, Joseph "the French" Niña Pastori, Joaquin Cortes, Ketama, South Barber, Bernardo Parrilla, Antonio Carmona, Javier Colina, Farruquito, Joe Bean, Luis Amador, Packet, Carles Benavent, Tomatito, Child Josele, Jorge Pardo, Chano Dominguez, Pata Negra, Antonio Agujetas, Ramon "the Portuguese", Diego Amador, Enrique Piculabe, etc ...

Ramón Amador:

Amador Ramon Heredia was born: in Seville, October 4, 1985, the saga ¨ ¨ son of Ramon Amador Amador, at age 12 participating in a show called ¨ ¨ NEW SAP where he shares the stage with great artists like ¨ ANGELITA VARGAS ¨ ¨ ¨ THE VARETA ¨ THE Bobote ¨ ¨ ¨ VIZARRAGA MARIA, etc ...

At 14 he began his career as a professional guitarist in the Flamenco Show ¨ ¨ THE ROOSTERS takes root where a season of 3 years, also participates in prestigious El Arenal tablaos as ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ Flamenco Dance Museum, during that time also participates in major companies like: EVA LA Yerbagüena ¨, participating in shows such as EVA ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ 5 WOMEN 5. Cristina Hoyos, participating in shows such as COMPAS THE TIME ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ IN EARTH. Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía, where he participates in shows such as: TRAVEL SOUTH ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ Gypsy Ballads, ¨ ¨ Poema del cante jondo.

A collaborated with artists such as: ¨ THE ¨ Torombo, "JOHN JOHN", Jairo Barrull, Juan Jose Jaen ¨ ¨ THE RUSH, John John, Susana Casas, Juan Jose Amador, ENRRIQUE THE EXTREMEÑO ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ GUADIANA ¨ THE TANA ¨ Churri DIEGO AMADOR, Raimundo Amador, JOSE LUIS RODRIGUEZ, ISRAEL VARELA, etc ....


He has presented only a contest: FEDERATION OF CLUBS OF ANDALUSIA, where he was:

2nd Prize, 60 guitarists in 2010.

Luis Amador:

Son of Rafael Amador member of the group "PATA NEGRA", began his career as a percussionist, accompanying group "PATA NEGRA" at 10 years, to play drums at age 15.

 At age 17 becomes the percussionist Diego Amador accompanying him on numerous direct as well as in the recording of their albums: Piano Jondo and Rio de los Canasteros.

In his seminal early music career and accompanied great flamenco figures such as Fernando earthquake, Annie Lennox, Raimundo Amador, Juan José Amador, Diego Carrasco, Tomatito, Echegaray, the Susi, Agustin Carbonell "the ball", Juan Carmona, Fernandez family, Paul Ruben Maldonado, Manuel Parrilla, the "Macanita"

Josemi Carmona, Farru, Joaquin Cortes, Joe Bean, Maria Toledo, Aurora Losada, Rosario La Tremendita, Rafaela Carrasco, Concha Jareño, Amador Rojas, Antonio Canales, Farruquito, and etc ...

As a contemporary musician has jumped barriers accompanying flamenco musicians from all different music sources such as Chick Corea, Michel Portal, Jovino Santos Neto, Adam Rapa, Dave Holland, Jaco Abel, Free Black Hole, William McGuill, Javier Colina, Carles Benavent, Jerry Gonzalez, Jorge Pardo, Maurizio Rolli, Israel Varela, Hiram Bullock, etc ...

His extensive experience in recording disk is shared with artists like Diego Amador, Earthquake, Adam Del Monte, Paul Ruben Maldonado Jorge Pardo, Jaco Abel, Lole Montoya, Potito, the "Chato" of Malaga, Israel Varela, Bernardo Parrilla, Joaquin Cortes.

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