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Montse Cortés als Tarantos club de flamenc de Barcelona.


with the collaboration of MONTSE CORTÉS

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Sunday 18 October 2015

Montse Cortés, vocals. Joaquin 'El Duende', vocals., Eduardo Cortés, guitar.

Isabel Orosco, Yolanda Cortés dance.


A week open to a group that has emerged from the La Tani dance school, together with some of their well-known teachers. It features one of them in particular, their special guest the cantaora Montse Cortés. Her vibrant, mature voice, calm but charged with sensitivity, is one of the most in-demand on the flamenco scene in the city since Antonio Canales signed her for his company in 1994. We will also see her colleagues from the same school the guitarist Eduardo Cortés and the bailaora Yolanda Cortés, two leading figures on this country’s scene who have worked on many projects with the Catalan cantaora. Artists such as the cantaor Joaquin 'El Duende' and the bailaora Isabel Orosco complete the line-up, making these family sessions, performed with absolute understanding and energy and emotions bubbling naturally to the surface.


Plaça Reial 17
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89
Fax. 93 315 02 21




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