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SON DE AKÍ at Tarantos Barcelona


15€ Box office

Monday 21 of May
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Tuesday 22 of May
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Wednesday 23 of May
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Thursday 24 of May
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Friday 25 of May
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Saturday 26 of May
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h

Sunday 27 of May
19:30h | 20:30h | 21:30h


Isaac Barbero bailaor, Susana Escoda bailaora, Francisco Hidalgo bailaor, Mónica “La Chicuela” cante, Luís “El Granaíno” cante, Tati Amaya guitar, Luís “El Lua” percussion.


Quite some time and hundreds of performances have gone by in Isaac Barbero’s professional career since he began working at Tarantos at the age of just 17. This Catalan bailaor has taken his temperamental art to stages in Japan, Poland, France and Luxembourg and has shared projects with artists like Ginesa Ortega and Juan Ramon Caro. Today, his astonishing rhythmic control is blended with the imposing figures of Susana Escoda and Francisco Heredia and the musical support of three highly reliable musicians to win the hearts and minds of the audience.


Plaça Reial 17
08002 Barcelona
Tel. 93 319 17 89
Fax. 93 315 02 21




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